Sunday, August 5, 2018

Jeff Colyer, Candidate for Governor of Kansas

Colyer wants to be elected to the seat he holds
Unelected Governor of Kansas, Jeff Colyer
This week, Kansas Secretary of State and candidate for Governor of Kansas, Kris Kobach started running a new ad. All is good.  It was a well put together advertisement, promoting Kansas values. However, his main opponent, the unelected Governor Jeff Colyer, who is seeking his own term issues a press release denouncing the ad.  The press release reads as follows:

 In his new ad, which can be found here, Kris Kobach claims to be a "small town Kansas kid who fought through adversity" growing up. 

While the campaign has no comment regarding what adversity Kris may have faced as the son of the new Buick and GMC dealer in Topeka, there is no question that he was born in Wisconsin and raised in Topeka, Kansas.  And while Topeka may not be a big city to some on the East and West Coast, Topeka is the Capital City of Kansas and one of our state's largest metropolitan areas.

"We call on Kris Kobach to take this deceptive ad down and be straight with Kansans," said Kendall Marr, campaign spokesman.  "This week Kansans have learned about Kobach's reckless behavior in court and his shoddy legal work across the country.  Now they will be watching him run a TV ad suggesting he grew up in a rural community.  How sad."

Early voting is now underway. The Republican primary for Governor will be held on August 7.

 Really? It there not any important issues to address, that the Governor has to nitpick? Is the Governor that scared of losing to Kobach? The answer is yes there are more important issues.  The answer is, with Kobach leading in the latest polls, Colyer is scared of losing the seat that Brownback won. 
In response to the press release, Kobach's campaign Communications Director, Danedri Herbert said,
The ad writer made a mistake based on Secretary Kobach's graduation from Washburn "Rural" High School. The campaign corrected the error as soon as we saw it. The "small town" version only ran for a day and a half. Unlike Colyer, we always correct our mistakes immediately. Colyer and his ACLU buddies just keep on lying.
For his nitpicking and blowing a small matter out of proportion, today's "Jackass of the Day," is Governor Jeff Colyer.

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